How many products do you have in your range?

Unison literally have hundreds of building and seismic movement joint products. The basic ranges are fireseals, waterseals, and architectural cover systems. Unison’s range of products can seal gap widths from 15mm to 1000mm. They include products which integrate with floors, walls, ceilings, facades, rooves, carparks, bridges, swimming pools, stadium seating-plats and more. There are wall … Read more

Why do I need a fire seal?

Most commercial, public, and other large buildings have isolated areas, which are required to stop fire penetrating. These isolated zones are normally broken up by the category of building (eg: Class 6: retail; Class 7a: carpark; class 9 public building; etc) Isolation is normally designed via location of building elements, such as masonry floors and … Read more

Can you supply a certification for your fire rated expansion products?

A Unison representative can visit site and provide certification that the Unison fireseals have been installed as per manufacturer’s recommendations. The Unison representative needs an architectural floor plan for markups to accompany this certificate. In Queensland, this certification is provided in the form of a QBCC Form 16. This can only be undertaken by a … Read more