Expansion Joint Supply for Commercial Construction Projects

Oran Park Leisure Centre

Oran Park Leisure Centre

Architect / Designer:Warren and Mahoney
Builder:ADCO Construction
Project:Construction of a new town centre including a swimming pool, gym, café and communal areas
Products:Aquo P; Dz FTAq

Our DzFt/AqP carpark system is an alternative to mechanical cover plates.  The water proof seal is simply installed into the expansion joint gap.  The DzFT rubber crumb topping is easily trowelled on to the Aquo-P seal.  Protects the seal and is flush mounted – not trip hazards.  Unison designed and developed our DzFt/AqP systems 15 years ago.  The first installation was within the Brisbane Airport Carpark which is still functionally effectively.  The rubber crumb topping has many benefits:-

  • Anti-slip surface: reducing risks of slips and falls and protects the waterproof seal from puncturing
  • Durability: Rubber crumb is resistant to wear and tear making it suitable for high traffic areas like car parks
  • Weather resistance
  • Aesthetics, resembles asphalt, manufactured in arrange of colors. Grey and black are the most popular
  • Proven Longevity
Cairns International Airport – Redevelopment

Cairns International Airport – Redevelopment

Construction Value:$55 Million
Architect / Designer:Populous and Urbis
Builder:Hutchinson Builders
Scope:To supply aesthetically pleasing, floor systems into the contemporary high-end design of the new terminal for the Upgrade of International Terminal
Products:Dz D

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:

  • Our DzD three- piece floor Expansion Joint design combines slim visual width, low profile with hidden fixings. Leaves no visual grout line.
Westfield Newmarket Auckland NZ

Westfield Newmarket Auckland NZ

Construction Value:$790 million
Architect / Designer:Scentre Group Design
Scope:Design, manufacture and supply 2137 metres of Seismic Expansion Joint systems.
Products:Aquo P; Aquo H; Dz HX; Py I; Py B; Si By; Si TL; Si R; Vt S; Acc G NF

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:

    • Pyrotx Expansion Joint fire seal barrier
    • SiRW seismic roof and VTS wall system
    • DzH heavy duty aluminium floor Expansion Joint system
    • SiBY seismic car park movement joint system developed for SCENTRE Group New Zealand for Westfield Newmarket.
    • VT S thermoplastic gasket wall expansion Joint cover
    • Aquo-P watertight expansion seal
    • Si TL seismic tile inlay concealed floor Expansion joint

Bernie Scott holds a Commercial Builders qualification and understands the New Zealand building code for Seismic movement.  He has over 30 years of experience in design, manufacture and installation of expansion joints, previously working on Christchurch Airport & Edan Park Stadium.

Unison architectural Expansion Joint systems are approved by Scentre Group Design and are specified by Westfield projects.

Brisbane International & Domestic Carpark

Brisbane International & Domestic Carpark

Developer:Brisbane Airport Corporation
Architect / Designer:Hassell
Builder:Laing O’Rourke
Engineer:Robert Bird Group services
Installer:Unison Construction
Scope:Supply & install 3490 metres of expansion movement joint systems within the new multi-story car park and pedestrian bridge to terminals.
Products:Aquo P; By C /By CT; Acc G NF; Fx CH /Fx CHT; Fx CS; Vt S

Unison Developed a topper that resembles asphalt made of recycled rubber tyres.  This was to ensure the seal was protected from sharp objects. Unison was the first to develop this product and have 11 years of experience and proven longevity.

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:

  • 3200 metres Carpark rubber crumb flex tread water seal topper
  • 3200 metres Aquo-P 100% water tight expansion car park joint seal
  • 1200m Unigrout epoxy concrete nosing
  • 130 metres mechanical floor Expansion Joints with stainless steel Cover Plate
  • 160 metres heavy duty mechanical aluminium  floor Expansion Joint
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