Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane QLD)

Unison Joints stopped the leaks In 2003 the transformation of Lang Park to Suncorp Stadium was completed. Owned by Stadiums Queensland, Suncorp is a colosseum type stadium with steep seating tiers, which provide excellent views of the ground from virtually anywhere in the stands. As is common to other stadiums, there are major movement-gaps which … Read more

Sydney’s Circular Quay Renewal

Sydney's Circular Quay Renewal- With Unison Joints Specified Products

Unison Specified for building works at Circular Quay Renewal project. Architects: Studio Hollenstein and Turf Design are undertaking design of the Jackson on George plaza, and have consulted with Unison’s design engineer Chenbo Yang to nominate suitable expansion joint products.

Building Applications for Expansion Joint Coverplates- Primer#2

Where can we find expansion joint coverplates? Unison Joints Pty Ltd produces a range of Movement Joint Systems designed to be easily integrated with various building elements, both internal and external. For example: flooring & paving, walls, panels, ceilings, facades, rooves & bridges. Facade Combination of extruded-aluminium retainers, and extruded thermoplastic cover. High movement with … Read more