Seismic Carpark Expansion Joint Cover

Si By

Seismic Brawny (SiBy) is a carpark coverplate system with high movement capacity in all directions. SiBy is designed for small and large seismic movement gaps. It can house 6mm to 10mm thick coverplates, flush-mounted. SiBy is designed so during normal seasonal-thermal movement the coverplate actuates flush with surrounding aluminium housings to ensure shopping trolleys, pedestrians and passenger vehicles have a smooth transition across movement gaps. It also has capacity for second phase of movement during seismic event. The sliding plate housings are mounted with edges flush with carpark wearing surface… retaining the wearing surface, and therefore protecting the edges. A heavy-duty system for use is carparks for shopping centres, convention centres, airports and other heavy duty, slow-traffic, seismic applications.

Indoor and Outdoor
Car Park
Extra Heavy Vehicle
Multi Directional
P5 Slip Resistance Rating

Typical Dimensions

Multi Directional
P5 Slip Resistance Rating


  • Thermal and seismic movement
  • High Capacity
  • Extra Heady Duty

Compatible Finishes

  • Bitumen
  • Paving
  • Concrete
  • Epoxy-coat
Material Options

Standard Finish

Linished Finish



Cover Plates


Cover Plate Options

No Bump
Bead Blasted
Detail Drawings