Building Applications for Expansion Joint Coverplates- Primer#2

Where can we find expansion joint coverplates? Unison Joints Pty Ltd produces a range of Movement Joint Systems designed to be easily integrated with various building elements, both internal and external. For example: flooring & paving, walls, panels, ceilings, facades, rooves & bridges. Facade Combination of extruded-aluminium retainers, and extruded thermoplastic cover. High movement with … Read more

Movement Gaps & Expansion Joints Primer #1

Why ‘movement gaps’ exist Gaps are formed in large building structures for ‘buildability’, and to provide movement for thermal, shrinkage, wind and seismic activity. Architectural and other finishes (e.g. ceramic tiles, aluminium cladding, interlock paving) applied to these structures do not have the flexibility to span these ‘expansion gaps’ without damage. Architectural expansion joint systems … Read more