Melbourne’s Iconic Federation Square

Unison was contracted to supply 200 metres of an expansion joint water proof seal with Heavy Duty aluminium cover plate system.  Between 2016 – 2019 the existing paving and failed expansion systems were replaced. The aluminium covers were bead blasted to P5 slip resistance rating.

Flexo Fx CH /Fx CHT floor internal and external heavy duty expansion system

A heavy duty architectural floor cover plate system designed for use with heavy pedestrian, and service-equipment traffic. Suitable for use in concourse areas such as stadiums, convention centres, airport terminals. Flexo expansion joint systems can be supplied with cover plates finished in natural and colour anodised aluminium, or bead-blasted. There is also an optional “T” bracket modification, for use in exposed agg, terrazzo, stone or paving.


 Unisons movement joint systems are clear anodised and are compatible with our expansion joint fire barrier and water proof seal systems.

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