Why buy Australian made Expansion Joints?

There are several reasons why you would not buy your expansion joint systems from American manufacturers…..


  • It helps create jobs and supports local businesses. You’re supporting the livelihoods of people who live and work within our community. Unison employs 12 staff working in our Brisbane head office and our factory in Tingalpa. 


  • Australian made products are often of high quality. Manufacturers in Australia have strict quality control standards which
    ensures you are getting a safe product that is made to last.  Unisons products are tested and certified to AS1530.4 AS40721.1 & BS476.20.  
    Unison holds a Quality Systems ISO9001 is externally audited to compliancy. Unisons repeat business over the past 22 years highlights the
    quality of our movement joints systems.
    Unison  knows our products are designed and manufactured to last that we offer longer warranty’s on our products. Unison can also offer an ALL Inclusive warranty for supply and installation of our expansion joint systems.   
    Engaging one of our trained and certified licensed installers will also cover your project with extended warranty.


  • Buying Australian made products helps reduce our carbon footprint. 


  • Importantly, when you buy Australian made products you’re supporting the local economy and keeping the money within Australia. This helps to promote economic growth and stability, which benefits all Australians in the long run.


In conclusion, buying Australian made expansion joint systems is a great way to support local businesses, promote economic growth and reduce carbon footprint. By making a conscious effort to buy Australian made products we can all contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for our country.

Unison Joints have designed, manufactured, supplied and or installed expansion joint cover plates, car park, water proof seal, fire insulator barriers and pathogenic seals into more then 100 Hospitals within Australia.

For further information on design, CAD drawings,  technical advice, supply or installation of expansion joints please call 07 3907 0500 OR email sales@unisonjoints.com.au