Unison Joints – Fire Insulators – Barriers for Construction Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints are used in building construction to accommodate movements and shifts within a building – predominately due to thermal expansion and contraction or seismic activity.   Movement joints essentially provide the flexibility that a building needs to move without causing structural damage.


Fire rating an expansion joint is a crucial aspect of building safety for several reasons: –

Fire Resistance:

Unisons fire rated expansion joint will help prevent the spread of fire from one section or level of a building to another.  I the event of a fire our Pyro fire barriers within the expansion joints will help contain the fire to its origin point giving occupants more time to evacuate.

Compliance with Building Codes:

Building codes require fire-rated materials, including expansion joints, especially in multi-story or commercial buildings. Australia stringent codes are designed to protect occupants and the building structure in case of fire. Unisons fire barriers are tested and certified to AS 1530.4 and BS476.   All of Unisons expansion systems are manufactured in Australia. 

Smoke Containment:

In addition to preventing the spread of fire, Unisons fire-rated expansion joints will also help limit the spread of smoke which can be as deadly, if not more so, than the fire itself.

Structural Integrity:

During a fire, a building’s structural integrity can be compromised. Fire-rated expansion joints will help maintain the building’s structural stability, allowing for a safer evacuation process and reducing the risk of catastrophic structural failure.

In essence, fire-rated expansion joints play a pivotal role in the overall fire safety strategy of a building, contributing to saving lives, limiting property damage, and fulfilling legal and insurance requirements.

Pyro Fire Rated Expansion Joint System