Westfield Chermside Shopping Brisbane QLD Centre 2017

Architect / Designer:Scentre Group Design
Builder:Scentre Group Design and Construct
Installer:Master Floor Preparers
Project:Supply Pyrotx fire insulator into expansion joints in carpark below trading floor in the shopping centre extension.
Products:Py I

Unison architectural expansion joint systems have Westfield approval and were specified for this project.

Joint Systems:
2915 lm Pyrotx Py25I, Py50I, Py75I, Py100I.
326 lm Pyrotx R02/65 developed and manufactured in Brisbane for the application on behalf of Scentre Group.

Unison Pyrotx I fireseals are tested and certified to AS 1530.4 AS 4072.1 & BS 476.20.