Sydney International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Construction Value:$1.5 Billion
Developer:Government of NSW
Architect / Designer:Hassells & Populous
Builder:Lendlease Group
Engineer:Robert Brid Group
Scope:Supply 996 metres of Expansion Joint systems.
Products:Aquo P; Py B; Si T; Si DX; Fx CT; Fx C; Aquo H; Py I

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:   

  • Heavy & Medium duty aluminium Cover Plates with made to order bracket sizes
  • Seismic floor Expansion Joints
  • Aluminium wall Cover Plates powdered coated
  • Waterproof seal & gland

AccG – Our epoxy grout was used to repair the crumbling of the concrete in the Expansion Joint gap. Unlike other grouts Unison’s is manufactured to expand and contract with movement.