Sydney Cricket Ground Redevelopment

Construction Value:$197.5 million
Owner:Government of NSW
Architect / Designer:Cox Architecture
Builder:AW Edwards
Scope:To supply and install the expansion joints systems to MA Noble, Don Bradnam and Dally Messenger stands including corporate boxes.
Products:Py B; Aquo P; Dz FTAq; Acc C; Dz D; Si By; Fx C; Mo DL


Pyro PyI fire insulators

Aquo PyI fire rated insulator strip

FtAq rubber crumb flex tread

FxC aluminium system anodised black

DzD low profile movement system with hidden fasteners

SiDX recessed expansion system with thermoplastic seals

MoLW pathogenic thermoplastic seal expansion joint system

Unison movement joint fire insulators are tested and certified to AS 1530.4 AS 4072.1 & BS 476.2.

As design developers and manufacturers of our own Expansion Joint fire rating systems – eg we don’t outsource our fire rated products.   Unison are uniquely positioned to certify the installed fire seals.  Unison holds a licence to install and certify these products.  Certified Form 16 supplied upon inspection by Unisons Manager Director.

All expansion joint systems are manufactured in our Brisbane factory.