Oran Park Leisure Centre

Architect / Designer:Warren and Mahoney
Builder:ADCO Construction
Project:Construction of a new town centre including a swimming pool, gym, café and communal areas
Products:Aquo P; Dz FTAq

Our DzFt/AqP carpark system is an alternative to mechanical cover plates.  The water proof seal is simply installed into the expansion joint gap.  The DzFT rubber crumb topping is easily trowelled on to the Aquo-P seal.  Protects the seal and is flush mounted – not trip hazards.  Unison designed and developed our DzFt/AqP systems 15 years ago.  The first installation was within the Brisbane Airport Carpark which is still functionally effectively.  The rubber crumb topping has many benefits:-

  • Anti-slip surface: reducing risks of slips and falls and protects the waterproof seal from puncturing
  • Durability: Rubber crumb is resistant to wear and tear making it suitable for high traffic areas like car parks
  • Weather resistance
  • Aesthetics, resembles asphalt, manufactured in arrange of colors. Grey and black are the most popular
  • Proven Longevity