Expansion Joints for NZ located projects

Westfield Newmarket Auckland NZ

Westfield Newmarket Auckland NZ

Construction Value:$790 million
Architect / Designer:Scentre Group Design
Products:Py I; Si R; Vt S; Aquo P; Dz H; Si By; Si TL

During the major redevelopment and refurbishment Unison were contracted to design, manufacture and supply all the car park, retail malls, tenancies, roof, ceilings together with fire and waterproof seals for the expansion joints.

Unisons technical advisor visited site in Auckland meeting with Scentre Group design team before and during construction.  Listening to the customers concerns and using over 30 + years construction experience, Bernie Scott and Engineers designed and manufactured the systems specifically for the project and adhering to the New Zealand building code for seismic movement.

Joint Systems:
Unison Pyrotx expansion joint fire seal barrier

SiRW seismic roof and VTS wall system

DzH heavy duty aluminium floor expansion joint system

SiBY seismic car park movement joint system developed for Scentre group New Zealand for Westfield Newmarket.

Unison architectural expansion joint systems are approved by Scentre Group Design and are specified by Westfield projects.

Eden Park Stadium (NZ)

Eden Park Stadium (NZ)


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