Expansion Joints for Convention & Exhibition Centres - QLD

Cairns Convention Centre

Cairns Convention Centre

Construction Value:$176 Million
Architect / Designer:Cox Architecture
Scope:To supply all of the 421 metres of Expansion Joint systems to the extension and refurbishment.
Products:Dz H; Py I; Py B; Aquo P; Aquo H; Si TL; Si R; Vt P; Vt C

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:

  • Heavy Duty aluminium mechanical Cover Plate
  • Fire resistant joint seal & Fire blanket AS1530.4 tested and certified for
  • Expansion Joint 100% watertight seals
  • Water proof gland
  • Seismic floor systems
  • Seismic Roof & Wall Expansion Joint covers
Brisbane Convention Centre

Brisbane Convention Centre

Construction Value:$140 Million
Owner:Southbank Corporation
Architect / Designer:Southbank Corporation
Builder:Laing O’Roourke
Scope:Supply all floor mechanical Expansion Joints and fire barriers seals
Products:Py I; By C /By CT; Si TL

Expansion Joint Systems Supplied:

  • Pyrotx Expansion Joint fire insulator
  • Brawny Heavy Duty Aluminium floor Expansion Joint system
  • Seimaxthermal and seismic floor movement joint for tile inlay

The Convention Centre building is 450 metres in length, 120 m wide and 24 m high. The complex roof design is based on five hyperbolic paraboloids. The building is stabilised by concrete shear walls and clad in steel.

Unison movement joint fire insulators are tested and certified to AS 1530.4 AS 4072.1 & BS 476.2.


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