Unison Joints Carpark Expansion Joints Systems

Unison range includes 14 Car Park expansion joint systems. All systems can be custom made in our factory to the client’s project specific requirement.  Our car park expansion joints systems are approved by Scentre Group for Westfield car park refurbishments and new builds.

The most popular car park systems are our Brawny range. There are numerous options so finding a system that works is simple……  


By N  Unison Patented

Is an innovative aluminium car park expansion joint system which offers multi-directional movement including ‘differential-vertical’. 


aluminium car park expansion joint system which offers multi-directional movement including ‘differential-vertical’. Designed for flush mount installation.


aluminium car park expansion joint system which offers multi-directional movement including ‘differential-vertical’. Designed for flush mount installation including movement joint water proof seal.

By NS   

Surface mounted aluminium cover plate is designed to be retrofitted & work as a platform over our Aquo P® expansion joint waterproof seal.

By NA is a sub-category under By NS. It has the same horizontal movement range as By NS but can be used without Aquo P® system.

By N AqP

The aluminium cover plate system is designed as a platform over Aquo P® expansion joint water seal. Perfect for roof top car parks decks where waterproofing is critical. 

By N Aq H

The aluminium cover plate system installed as a platform over the AqH Hypalon waster proof barrier gland. This product is mounted to horizontal surfaces of the car park. It is designed to negate preparation work to the inside of movement gaps in order to minimise potential disruption to the operating building-space below.

By C

An Extra Heavy Duty floor cover plate system designed for use with heavy rolling traffic such as forklifts, pallet trolleys, scissor-lifts. Suitable for use in loading docks, back of house areas, bulky-goods retail trading-floors. Unique square-edge design minimises wheel impact, which promotes longevity. Accommodates multi-directional movement. ByC is normally supplied with high grade mill-finish alloy cover plates. But can be supplied with stainless steel, natural and colour-anodised aluminium, or bead-blasted cover plate. 


Same extra Heavy Duty systems as ByC however has “T” bracket modification, for use in exposed aggregate, terrazzo, stone or paving.

Aquo P®

Endorsed by major shopping centres globally, Aquo P® expansion joint water seal performs without generating noise, keeping car parks, bridges and open air concrete structures water tight.

Specially formulated polyethylene foam water seal expansion joint. Where traditional waterproof  seals leak (at junctions and upturns), Aquo P® uses simple, quality welding technology. When correctly installed the system provides a 100% waterproof expansion joint seal. It has UV inhibitors for longevity and is tested to a 3-metre head of water, making it ideal for concrete swimming pools and dams. Aquo P® can be used in conjunction with Unison cover plate and fire rating systems. It is suitable for most types of construction including internal and external expansion joint waterproofing: multi-story car parks, rooftop car parks, hospitals, retail centres, amenities, stadiums (especially seating plats), convention centres. Unison have successfully waterproofed 1000’s of klms of movement joints using Aquo seal in the past 21 years


A combination of Unison’s high-movement Aquo P® expansion joint water seal, and a pedestrian friendly rubber tread piece. DzFT is a semi-rigid system designed by Unison’s engineers, as a cost-effective topping the highly flexible Aquo P® water seal. The flush-mounted system requires no wider rebate other than that of Aquo P®. Ideal for stadium-plats. DzFT/AqP is recommended for use in expansion joints in car parks and other concrete structures where waterproofing is critical. Developed for Brisbane Airport Car Park


Aquo C is an EPDM Compression Seal. It is a cost-effective solution for concrete expansion joints which do not require a watertight seal. Aquo C can be used in carparks, wharves and industrial building-joints or other concrete/masonry movement joint applications.

Dz H

Revolutionary design combines slim visual width, low profile and hidden fixings. This heavy duty floor cover plate system is designed for use in polished concrete, roll-coat epoxy, tiles, vinyl and other floor finishes. Low profile and slender width allows for minimal substrate rebating. Leaves no visual grout line when applied to polish or trowel-finished concrete. Suitable for bulky-goods retail (ie Bunnings, Ikea & All Supermarket loading dock) with rebating constraints. Stadiums, transit-centres, carparks and other buildings with suspended-slab concrete.

Si By

Seismic Brawny (SiBy) is a carpark cover plate system with high movement capacity in all directions. SiBy is designed for small and large seismic movement gaps. It can house 6mm to 10mm thick cover plates, flush-mounted. SiBy is designed so during normal seasonal-thermal movement the cover plate actuates flush with surrounding aluminium housings to ensure shopping trolleys, pedestrians and passenger vehicles have a smooth transition across movement gaps. It also has capacity for second phase of movement during seismic event. The sliding plate housings are mounted with edges flush with carpark wearing surface… retaining the wearing surface, and therefore protecting the edges. A heavy-duty system for use is carparks for shopping centres, convention centres, airports and other heavy duty, slow-traffic, seismic applications.

Unison have supplied and installed to most Westfield Centres within Australia and New Zealand.

Unisons ByN expansion joint systems are approved by Scentre Group Design and is included in specifications for Westfield projects.