Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane QLD)

Unison Joints stopped the leaks

In 2003 the transformation of Lang Park to Suncorp Stadium was completed. Owned by Stadiums Queensland, Suncorp is a colosseum type stadium with steep seating tiers, which provide excellent views of the ground from virtually anywhere in the stands. As is common to other stadiums, there are major movement-gaps which divide the structural concrete frame, from top to bottom, at four designed positions around the building. In such a large structure, these gaps have considerable movement. By 2017 there was substantial water ingress from the failed original (2003) expansion joints.

Unison Joint’s Aquo P®

In 2017 Duratec QLD replaced expansion joint seals in the North Eastern corner of the stadium.  Unison’s trademark Aquo P® seal was employed to plug the leaks.  Suncorp Facility Manager was impressed with the watertight outcome.  Consequently, further major movement gaps have been treated using Unison’s Aquo P®.  The works have included sealing expansion joints in horizontal concourses and seating plats.  Movement gap sizes vary extensively: – site measurements are taken and Aquo P®  is cut to size (manufactured 30% bigger that the gap) at Unison’s Brisbane factory. The Aquo P®’s ease of reshaping and weld-ability make it a fantastic 100% watertight, high-movement building and seismic movement-joint seal. During the expansion joint refurbishment project, it was imperative to minimise time spent, with gaps open to weather conditions. Fast manufacture time at Unison alleviated concerns. The client has advised he is happy with the outcome (no leaks).